Misra Records is very excited to announce our 1st ever living room tour. We are looking for people to host Adam Remnant (Southeast Engine) & Jerry DeCicca (The Black Swans) living room shows in July.┬áThese are acoustic performances – no sound system required, just a chair + a living room. Please email Grandma Misra (address below) if you live in one of these areas and would like to host a show. Her caretaker will get back to you promptly.

Also, if you cannot host, but want to attend, please feel free to get in touch. Grandma’s caretaker will respond and advise you of location when tickets go on sale.

Thanks to Undertow Management and Bob Andrews for this awesome idea. It’s an amazing way to help our artists continue to do what they love + further inspire fans new and old. You simply can’t get this kind of show in a commercial venue. These will be extremely powerful performances. Yes.

Details Below

Thurs – 07/14/11 – Columbus, OH
Fri – 07/15/11 – Kalamazoo, MI
Sat – 07/16/11 – Indianapolis, IN
Sun – 07/17/11 – Dayton, OH
Wed – 07/20/11 – Athens, OH
Thurs – 07/21/11 – Pittsburgh, PA
Fri – 07/22/11 – Washington D.C.
Sat – 07/23/11 – Chapel Hill, NC

Here’s how it works:

1. You have a house or space that can comfortably and safely host 40-50 people. A big living room or other large interior space would be perfect. There needs to be enough parking nearby and your neighbors should be cool. It would be very unfortunate if someone called the cops because of all the extra cars and people coming to your house.

2. The shows will not be open to the public and no tickets will be sold at the door. We will pre-sell a set number of tickets for each show on Misra’s website before the show. Please be realistic on how many people your place can hold. We need to know how many tickets we can sell in advance. 40-50 people is what the average living room can hold. Ticket price will be $10.

3. We will provide you with a detailed list of everyone who will be coming to the show. The host won’t have to deal with any money and will only need to check people off the list as they arrive.

4. The host can have up to 3 additional free tickets for the show. If you have other friends who want to come to the show you can direct them to the link to buy tickets on-line.

5. You don’t need any sort of sound system. All you need is a chair for Adam & Jerry.

6. Your home address won’t be published on the web and will only be given to those people who purchase tickets.

7. The shows will not be promoted or advertised anywhere except Misra + Southeast Engine + The Black Swans’ websites.

If you are interested, please follow these steps:

1. Head [here], read over the contract and, if we team up, send it to the address below.

2. Email grandma@misrarecords.com with:

  • Your address
  • A few photos of your living room
  • Which dates and times work for you
  • If you’re planning only to attend, please list which city and we’ll make sure to keep you posted as details get finalized

*Please put SEE + TBS Living Room Show and your town in the subject line.

3. We’ll get back to as soon as possible if applicable.

After we have the dates and locations sorted out we will announce and tickets will go on sale here at misrarecords.com.

Thank you so much!

Misra Records
c/o Grandma Misra
1013 B Rosehill Ave.
Durham, NC 27705