Motel Beds


Tommy Cooper
Ian Kaplan
P.J. Paslosky
Derl Robbins
Tod Weidner

Where From:
Dayton, OH

Year Formed:


Motel Beds are ever on the rise. The no-frills rock & roll band have otherwise-refined citizens soiling their trousers left and right. They’ve recorded with Kelley Deal (The Breeders, R. Ring) and Beds member Derl Robbins served as engineer on Guided By Voices’ “Class Clown Spots a UFO”. Misra is planning a few releases with Motel Beds in the coming months. Along with playing music, all five members are also male dancers at Applebee’s on Wilmington Pike in Dayton (Tuesday, lunch shift, 11 AM – 2 PM).

Bio for “These are the Days Gone By”

MOTEL BEDS are a rock & roll band from Dayton, Ohio—a delightfully detached underdog city nestled in the heart of The Heartland. Seasoned veterans, Beds have worked alongside local advocates Kelley Deal (Deal duets on the lusciously hushed “Tropics of the Sand”) and Robert Pollard (guitarist Derl Robbins has recorded Guided By Voices). Allies aside, when it comes to rock & roll, Motel Beds speak for themselves.

These Are the Days Gone By reveals the fruits of Beds’ labor these latter years. The album is an electrifying collection of “hits,” remastered by Carl Saff (GBV, Dinosaur Jr., etc.) and featuring added bass parts by new(est) member and local ace Tod Weidner. Over a 12-song cycle, the proficiency with which Tommy Cooper and P.J. Paslosky—Motel Beds’ core songwriting duo—augment a solid hook is clearly set on display.

While Days largely finds Ian Kaplan at work as one of the finest rock drummers around today (not an embellishment), Beds demonstrate their versatility with two never-before-released tracks: a poppier version of 2011’s “Sunfried Dreams” and a beautiful acoustic cover of Matthew Sweet’s “I’ve Been Waiting”; the latter proving Paslosky to be much more than a rock vocalist. In addition to recording Motel Beds in a visionary manner, guitarist Derl Robbins adds his own unmistakable style and sound.

True to Dayton (see GBV’s Propeller), the first 500 LPs are all one-of-a-kind. Each cover was individually hand-painted by the artists at We Care Arts: a non-profit dedicated to “changing disabilities into possibilities.” A portion of the proceeds from these first 500 will go to benefit WCA.

In his glowing review of Dumb Gold (2012), AllMusic Senior Editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine noted, “[This] is an album that deserves to break them out of the Rust Belt and onto the larger stage; it’s one of the best straight-ahead indie rock records of 2012.” Days takes all of Dumb Gold’s assets—songwriting, hooks, musicianship, energy—and ups them ad infinitum. It’s a remarkable rock record and one that finds Motel Beds carrying the torch for Dayton, Ohio’s independent music scene.

Track List: 

1. These are the Days Gone By
2. Ocean Flows
3. Skymade Suit
4. Cactus Kiss
5. Surfjerk
6. Valentimes
7. Lights On
8. Western Son
9. Tropics Of The Sand
10. Sunfried Dreams (alternate version)
11. I’ve Been Waiting
12. Smoke Your Homework

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