The Black Swans nailed an 8.0 review from Prefix Mag today. The time and care Jim Allen put into the piece is wonderful. Here is the opening paragraph:

“Let’s make one thing clear — there was never a secret supergroup session at some home studio in Nashville that included Lee Hazlewood, Townes Van Zandt, Stuart Staples from Tindersticks, and Mickey Newbury. That’s unforunate on a basic level, but also because it would have handily explained the genesis of the sounds emanating from Occasion For Song by The Black Swans. The Ohio-based band led by singer/songwriter Jerry DeCicca bears its share of melancholy and then some on their fifth album, but so do a million and one other indie bands, and none of them come anywere close to evoking the same sort of sad-sack super session described above.”

To note: the official release date for The Black Swans Occasion for Song is 7/31, not 7/17. You can pre-order the album here.