Donewaiting is raising the middle finger to the Internet – to the inundated, fast-paced, chintzy culture that often transforms otherwise thoughtful citizens into distracted mental loafers. Of course, this is not always the case, but it happens enough to make any online entity exhausted after a decade.

Yes, Ohio’s main independent music blog is ending digital production in February and will become a print-only entity in the summer. This will commence upon the 10th Anniversary of the blog and Donewaiting plans to release one issue per year. Misra Manager Leo DeLuca wrote for Donewaiting over the past year and mainly championed bands in his hometown of Dayton, OH. Here’s a feature DeLuca wrote on the 15th anniversary of Timmy Taylor’s passing. Taylor was frontman for legendary Dayton band 3RA1N1AC (Brainiac).

Donewaiting have put the final touches on their anniversary/goodbye/hello weekend in Columbus, OH. Here are the details:

Friday, February 15 @ Ace of Cups | Facebook RSVP
DJ DetoxFabrashay-ABarely EagleFumesBru Lei

Saturday, February 16 @ Ace of Cups | Facebook RSVP
EYEMiranda SoundCheater SlicksSinkane DJ Set featuring Ahmed & Jaytram

Sunday, February 17 @ Double Happiness | Facebook RSVP
Presented with Benco

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