Hallelujah the Hills were recently mentioned in the New York Times in a feature titled “A Presidential Pub Crawl.” Check out the section under “Charlie’s Kitchen” and you’ll find the following:

“’Everybody goes to Charlie’s,’ said Helen Metros, who at 83 has been waiting tables there for 54 years. She recalled slinging burger specials to Mr. Bush and countless other political names. ‘Some students can be know-it-alls,’ she said, but Mr. Bush was ‘always a gentleman.’ On the main floor, Charlie’s has tables with distinctive red-and-black tops and the aura of a classic dive. Head upstairs for a more bar-like feeling and a jukebox featuring local bands like Hallelujah the Hills. Jaap Overgaag, the manager, said that people try to persuade him to move to a digital jukebox, but he’s resisted since the smaller local acts would be excluded. Try the double cheeseburger.”

Hey, awesome. Boston’s favorite sons are busy at work on music videos, recordings, and more. Also, dig the new Spotify playlist HtH frontman Ryan Walsh just put together [link]. HtH!