August 27th, 2011

Misra Welcomes Bears!

Misra is happier than a horse in a hay store to welcome Bears to the fold!

Without a doubt, Bears’ co-frontmen Charlie McArthur & Craig Ramsey comprise one of the most talented pop teams around today. Formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 2005, the band instantly garnered high-praise for their hook-laden, self-titled debut. It was upward from there. SPIN featured a full-page shot of the band, calling their music “winsome and pastoral” and likening the songs to lengthier Guided By Voices tracks. The widely-read magazine then followed up with a 2008 piece stating “Bears’ confectionary, bubblegum sonic rooted in folky, tender hooks proves this duo is a species all their own.”

More great press started rolling in from Pop Matters, The Tripwire, etc. The band took to the road — zig-zagging across the 50 states, winning folks over town-to-town with their phenomenal live show. People fell in love with Bears. Nonetheless, the road life is not for everyone and it became apparent their true passion lied in creating and recording albums. They sold the van and went back to their home studio to continue chasing the perfect pop melody. Shortly after, TV shows started taking notice and the band’s music became the background to many popular programs. It’s been a good ride thus far.

Here we are in 2011 and Bears have nailed it yet again. Misra will distribute and license their third full-length in the near future. It is hands-down their best to date. Please visit Bears’ new artist page and the band’s website to hear and learn more.