If you were at Yellow Cab in Dayton, O. on Saturday night, you witnessed something very special. Motel Beds and Misra unleashed 500 hand-painted LPs upon the world. The wonderful Smug Brothers and Good English opened the evening. It was a pre-release show for Beds’ forthcoming album These are the Days Gone By—out later this year.

Motel Beds and Misra teamed up with We Care Arts — a Dayton, Ohio-based non-profit dedicated to “changing disabilities into possibilities.” WCA hand-painted 500 album covers for Motel Beds’ These are the Days Gone By — a collection of hits, rarities, live favorites, and never-before-heard Beds tracks, all (re)mastered by Carl Saff (Dinosaur Jr, Guided By Voices, etc).

We’ve had people near and far asking to get their hands on one. In addition to being an amazing artifact, they very well could be worth a pretty penny someday. We see people realize this. Calm down, they’re available. ;-)

If you are in Dayton, O., the LPs will be available at OMEGA Music later this week. If you are out of town, Tommy Cooper (“Ted Bed”)—Motel Beds’ guitarist, co-songwriter, and designer extraordinaire—has put a batch up for sale online via Etsy. Hey! You can actually pick your album!