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The wonderful folks of Stereogum premiered “Tropics of the Sand” by Motel Beds with Kelley Deal. The song is one half of a very limited Record Store Day 7″ with Torres. Torres’ song is titled “The Harshest Light” and is a never-before-heard gem.

The 7″ is out this weekend, along with Misra Records “15 Years: Adventures in Obstinacy”. Tracklist for the comp is below.

01 R. Ring – “Fallout & Fire”
02 Shearwater – “Whipping Boy”
03 Crooks On Tape – “If Feelings Mean A Thing”
04 Motel Beds – “Smoke Your Homework”
05 Summer Hymns – “Beginning to See”
06 Centro-Matic – “Triggers and Trash Heaps”
07 Sleeping States – “Rivers”

01 Phosphorescent – “I Am a Full Grown Man (I Will Lay in the Grass All Day)”
02 Southeast Engine – “Adeline of the Appalachian Mountains”
03 Holopaw – “Discotheque”
04 Emily Rodgers – “Bright Day
05 The Mendoza Line – “Triple Bill of Shame”



NPR First Listen is streaming “Farewell Transmission: The Music of Jason Molina”. The album is a compilation of covers, featuring Centro-matic’s Will Johnson, The Black Swans, Water Liars, and Wooden Wand. Also included on the compilation are Memorial Electric Co., Bottomless Pit, My Morning Jacket, Catherine Irwin, and much more.

Here is the description via NPR:

“Jason Molina never sang to — or for — the many. The singer-songwriter, who died last year at 39, gave voice to despair and solitude, and to a lonely pursuit of the comfort and strength necessary to face each day. Whether he performed as Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co or Jason Molina, his big, yearning voice encountered only a small but intense cult following that heard in him a crucial combination of fatalism and fighting spirit.

Like many whose fan bases run narrow but deep, Molina was widely beloved by musicians; anyone who’s ever tried to channel the blues would know how pure his were. Within the last year, Molina has already inspired two double-length tribute albums, each intended to help his family and spread word of his work. Both, while naturally uneven in execution, nicely convey the sturdiness of Molina’s songcraft — not to mention his considerable gift for quotable melancholy.

Farewell Transmission: The Music of Jason Molina is the newer of the two collections — the other is last year’s Weary Engine Blues — with proceeds split between the singer’s family and a charity called MusiCares, which battles Molina’s twin demons of alcoholism and depression. In 27 songs and just less than two hours, it provides a fine overview of the singer’s best-known work, highlighted by My Morning Jacket’s suitably epic take on the title track.

Given the reverence in which Molina’s work is held, it’s no surprise that Farewell Transmission rarely strays far from the singer’s original intentions, though it’s intriguing to hear Squares recast the almost impossibly desolate “Get Out Get Out Get Out” as a bold rock song. Molina’s former bandmates even come together as Memorial Electric Company to perform a new track, “Arm in Arm,” as well as to tackle the unrecorded Molina song “Trouble in Mind (Fade to Blue).” Between the incredible source material and a fine assortment of contributors — including Sarah Jaffe, Murder by Death, Catherine Irwin, Wooden Wand and another past Molina collaborator, Will Johnson of Centro-Matic — Farewell Transmission marks a fine way to both celebrate a great career and mourn a man for whom mournfulness was stitched into the fabric of his art.”



Stevie Chix, the writer responsible for the phenomenal MOJO piece on Dayton legends Brainiac a bit back, recently interviewed John Schmersal of Crooks On Tape, Vertical Scratchers, Brainiac, Enon, Caribou & more about Crooks On Tape, Vertical Scratchers, Brainiac, Enon, Caribou & more. You can read the interview via The Quietus. Thanks, Stevie!



Thanks to the Agit Reader and Kevin J. Elliott for the wonderful write-up of the Misra SXSW Showcase 2014. Head here to see pictures (like the one above of Swearing At Motorists’ Dave Doughman) and read the warming piece.



TORRES b/w Motel Beds with Kelley Deal has been picked up as an official Record Store Day 2014 release! More info below.

MSR072_Disco Jacket-JP_FINAL

TORRES b/w Motel Beds with Kelley Deal
“The Harshest Light” b/w “Tropics of the Sand”
Record Store Day • April 19, 2014

Pressed on high-quality vinyl in The Netherlands



Misra Records 15 Years: Adventures in Obstinacy has been picked up as an official Record Store Day 2014 release. The comp celebrates Misra’s 15th anniversary and features Phosphorescent, R. Ring (Kelley Deal), Shearwater, Crooks On Tape, etc. Track listing below.


Misra Records 15 Years: Adventures in Obstinacy
15th Anniversary LP Compilation (MSR075)
Record Store Day • April 19, 2014


1. R. Ring (Kelley Deal) “Fallout & Fire” [listen]
2. Shearwater “Whipping Boy”
3. Crooks On Tape (Mem: Enon, Brainiac) “If Feelings Mean a Thing” [listen/watch]
4. Motel Beds “Smoke Your Homework”
5. Summer Hymns “Beginning to See”
6. Centro-matic “Triggers & Trash Heaps”
7. Sleeping States “Rivers”


8. Phosphorescent “I am a Full Grown Man (I Will Lay in the Grass All Day)
9. Southeast Engine “Adeline of the Appalachian Mountains”
10. Holopaw “Discotheque”
11. Emily Rodgers “Bright Day”
12. The Mendoza Line “Triple Bill of Shame”

Pressed on high-quality vinyl in The Netherlands • Download Included



Thanks to Stuart Berman and the fine folks at Pitchfork for giving COT a nod in their recent review of Vertical Scratchers—the other brand new band of John Schmersal (Brainiac, Enon, etc). It’s appreciated. You haven’t seen the end of Crooks On Tape.



Holopaw’s brilliant video for “Dirty Boots (He Don’t)” premiered via VICE Magazine last week. Since then, it has wowed the masses, going so far as to garner over 25,000 views in just *one* day. It was recently picked up by the following:

Huffington Post
The Stranger
…& more (& more to come)

We will be revisiting the Sleeping States / Holopaw split EP this June during LGBT Pride Month. Have a listen to tracks via both SS and Paw via SPIN.




R. Ring (Kelley Deal) – 12 AM
Swearing At Motorists – 11 PM
Motel Beds – 10 PM
Connections – 9 PM
Greg Vanderpool (of Monahans, Milton Mapes) – 8 PM


Misra Records SXSW Showcase 2014
*Soft release of TORRES’ s/t debut on limited purple cassette (dig the cover below)**

**Also available on Cassette Store Day later this year.


401 W. 2nd St.
Austin, TX 78701


Friday, March 14, 2014
8 PM sharp (set times above)

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Both R. Ring and Greg Vanderpool got nods in the Austin Chronicle for the Misra SXSW Showcase 2014 tonight!