Holopaw return to Gramps Bar in Miami for OUT OF THIS — a large gala featuring Prince Rama, Lauren Flax, Jubilee, L-VIS 1990 and, of course, the inimitable Holopaw. It is presented by Diadem and Brooklyn Queer and it kicks off this Thursday, December 5th at 8 PM — a bona fide “Basel Thursday”!



The Paranoid Style is the independent rock band of Elizabeth Nelson (Bird of Youth), Timothy Bracy (The Mendoza Line) and many friends (listed below). Misra is issuing a very limited (qty: 100) boutique cassette release of their two EPs: The Power of Our Proven System (A-Side) and The Purposes of Music in General (B-Side). It’s all dressed in an amazing little package with fantastic album art via Tommy Copper (of Misra band Motel Beds… just look at that). Oh, and the cassette is red! Lots more on this soon, but it’s officially available today via the Misra store.

Paranoid Players:

Bruce Bennett
Leo DeLuca
Ken Flagg
Greta Gertler Gold
Adam D. Gold
Billy Matheny
Clint Newman
Amy Posner
Lee Waters
November 28th, 2013

Thankful for a Wonderful 2013!

Misra is thankful for a wonderful 2013! It was filled with debuts, charity releases, new albums, LPs, CDs, Cassettes, and more!

CROOKS ON TAPE Fingerprint (MSR073): COT is the new band of John Schmersal (Enon, Brainiac, Caribou, Vertical Scratchers, etc.) + Rick Lee (Enon). Fingerprint is their debut effort. Released: 10/22/13 (CD/digi) + 11/05/13 (LP/Tape)

(((Crooks On Tape: A.V. Club full-album stream)))

SPINERIDERS Hello Future Tinglies (MSR070): Jason Molina’s old band. All proceeds to Musicians Emergency Medical Association. Released: 10/24/13.

(((Spineriders: Pitchfork Premiere)))

SLEEPING STATES / HOLOPAW LGBT Pride Release: Two EPs from two openly gay frontmen. Paw’s side = Califone Remix. 45 RPM 12″ on pink vinyl. Portion of proceeds to Point Foundation.

(((Holopaw: SPIN premiere)))

PHOSPHORESCENT Aw Come Aw Wry: LP reissue of Phossy’s 2005 album on heavyweight vinyl with slighly altered cover. Fun! Released: Record Store Day 2013.

HOLOPAW Academy Songs, Volume I: In addition to Holopaw, frontman John Orth was also one half of Ugly Casanova alongside Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock. This is Holopaw’s finest album to date. Released: 01/15/13.

(((Holopaw: OUT premiered video)))

Be on the lookout for releases from The Paranoid Style, Motel Beds, Shearwater, Dignan Porch, and more! 



TPS Report: The Paranoid Style recently spoke with Manic Pop Thrills. The interview is wildly intriguing. Read “Questions of Subversion — The Paranoid Style interrogation transcript” via this [link].

The Paranoid Style was a special committee convened in 2012 in order to address our country’s many pressing problems. Elizabeth Nelson (Bird Of Youth) and Timothy Bracy (The Mendoza Line) are at the forefront of this unique brain trust.

A symposium was recently held at Misra World Headquarters. Mid-function, it became wildly apparent that Misra needs to disseminate The Power of Our Proven System—a new extended play (EP) recording by The Paranoid Style. The new tracks will be endorsed alongside The Purposes of Music in General—a previously released EP. Both recordings will be available on Black Friday (November 29) of this year. 

You can read about The Paranoid Style in MAGNET Magazine. Listen to “Numb it Up and Go” The Paranoid Style.

(((PRE-ORDER))) a limited-edition cassette (100)
MSR074: The Power of Our Proven System EP (Side A) + The Purposes of Music in General EP (Side B)
Release Date: Black Friday (November 29, 2013)


R. Ring’s Kelley Deal took some time off touring with The Breeders to head on over to Lil’ Bub’s studio in Bloomington, IN. Lil’ Bub is an extremely special celebrity kitty. Oh, do watch the video above. It features our good friend Nick Eddy from Dayton, OH!

The event was covered by Rolling Stone, SPIN, Stereogum, Consequence of Sound, Huffington Post, and more.

Via Rolling Stone:

“Lil Bub is using her magical space feline powers to make waves in the music business. Two weeks ago, the internet-famous permakitten hosted noted cat enthusiast Steve Albini as a guest on her web series, Lil Bub’s Big Show. Having received an intensive tutorial in music production from Albini, Lil Bub put her fresh skills to work this week on a new single for Breeders guitarist Kelley Deal.

At the opening of the episode, Lil Bub offered to grant one wish to the first person to call in. As luck would have it, Deal won the prize, appearing on a small screen with her own fluffy-headed cat beside her. “Shouldn’t you on tour with the Breeders?” Lil Bub asked. Deal explained that she had a little time off, then made her wish to have Lil Bub produce her next single. Harnessing the power of “science and magic,” Bub transported Deal to a recording studio, where a full band soon materialized.

See Where the Breeders’ ‘Last Splash’ Lands Among the Best Albums of the 1990s

In addition to producing, Bub plays keyboards on the new song (aided by what appear to be cat treats on the keys) and contributes a few vocals as well. The result of her hard work, a sunny new single called “Shirtcrush,” is available on iTunes.

In a note on her own website, Deal explained how the collaboration with Lil Bub really came together. Her band, R. Ring played a show last year at Bloomington, Indiana’s Russian Recording Studio, which Lil Bub’s “dude” Mike Bridavsky owns and operates. “She is super sweet and she and her Dude are hell bent on bringing magic and love to Earth,” Deal wrote.”



John Schmersal (of Crooks On Tape, Enon, Brainiac, Caribou) is more than making up for not releasing music since Enon fell asleep in 2007. In addition to releasing Crooks On Tape’s debut album Fingerprint with Misra (out now), John started *another* brand new band called Vertical Scratchers. VS also has a debut album — out in early 2014 via the wonderful folks at Merge! Hell yes!



Crooks on Tape is John Schmersal (Enon, 3RA1N1AC) + Rick Lee (Enon, Skeleton Key, Butter 08) + Joey Galvan

COT’s debut album is called Fingerprint. CD/Digital out NOW! ////// LP/Tape out 11/5.

PRESS for Fingerprint >>




Crooks On Tape Fingerprint is officially out on CD/Digital formats today! Pick up a copy at any retailer or digital service provider!

Crooks on Tape is John Schmersal (Enon, Brainiac), Rick Lee (Enon, Skeleton Key, Butter 08), and Joey Galvan. The unscripted band was born out of a simple notion: convene, improvise, and record every moment.

In 2010, the Los Angeles trio assembled a rotating fortress of instruments, synthesizers, samplers, and loopers. Crooks recorded hundreds of hours of material, largely instrumental in its original performance. Fingerprint is the first evidence of this undertaking and a window into the band’s sound. The debut record you hear is analogous to tiny snapshots of an altered crime scene.

In many ways, Crooks picks up where Enon left off. Rick and John created two instrumental records in Enon’s early days (Long Play and On Hold). Fingerprint is an outgrowth of those directions, spun in a totally live, improvisational context, augmented by vocals. Though unpredictable, Joey’s marked drumming style provides the adhesion, gluing the group together when sessions become too cacophonous.

Misra Records is now based in Dayton, OH — the hometown of Schmersal and his former band Brainiac. Strange, unformed, wildly intriguing snippets of Fingerprint began making their way to the label in early 2013. Each song sounded like a story unfolding. Songs were amended, vocals were added, and a debut album began to develop.

This material is mined from sessions lasting between winter, 2010 – Spring, 2012. The band has since moved from the location where these documents were made. They are hard at work constructing a new space. John has been dividing his time between Crooks on Tape, Caribou, Girls Against Boys (occasionally subbing for Eli Janney), and playing with another new band. You can expect many more records to evolve from this time period alone.

Fingerprint is for Crooks a pop record — the band at its most accessible. Stranger things are to follow.

Track List:

1. Duper
2. If Feelings Mean a Thing
3. Tito’s Riser
4. The Regiments
5. Melting the Ice
6. Summer’s End

7. River Bait
8. Milo’s Creeper
9. A Hazmat Dream
10. Wandered Again
11. Clergyman Segway
12. Barging In




The Paranoid Style was a special committee convened in 2012 in order to address our country’s many pressing problems. Elizabeth Nelson (Bird Of Youth) and Timothy Bracy (The Mendoza Line) are at the forefront of this unique brain trust.

A symposium was recently held at Misra World Headquarters. Mid-function, it became wildly apparent that Misra needs to disseminate The Power of Our Proven System—a new extended play (EP) recording by The Paranoid Style. The new tracks will be endorsed alongside The Purposes of Music in General—a previously released EP. Both recordings will be available on Black Friday (November 29) of this year. 

You can read about The Paranoid Style in MAGNET Magazine. Listen to “Numb it Up and Go” The Paranoid Style.

(((PRE-ORDER))) a limited-edition cassette (100)
MSR074: The Power of Our Proven System EP (Side A) + The Purposes of Music in General EP (Side B)
Release Date: Black Friday (November 29, 2013)

Dick Hofstadter wrote that the paranoid style in American politics is marked by “movements of suspicious discontent”—convictions that the natural or authentic unfolding of history is subverted by cultural or corporate or catholic conspiracies—that ancient committees or unholy novelties connive to ensure that Things Are Not As They Should Be.

In the Manichaean mind of Hofstadter’s paranoiac, control over this world is vested in a pre-specified enemy who “is a perfect model of malice… sinister, ubiquitous, powerful, cruel, sensual, luxury-loving.” Juxtaposed with our constrained heroes, this Devil is “not caught in the toils of the vast mechanism of history, himself a victim of his past, his desires, his limitations.” Rather “he wills, indeed, he manufactures, the mechanism of history.”

The paranoiac—her faculties addled, ever on the lookout for these Demons greasily fingering the levers of conspiracy—is tragicomic because, of course, Entropy reigns. The Devil is neither red nor scaly; no bifurcated tail, no hayfork. The Devil is the places you end up no matter what you do.  Or don’t. The Devil is it didn’t matter. The Devil is there’s nobody looking out for you, no ten-year budget window. The Devil is inertia, cold and dumb.

Hofstadter had in mind Goldwater—and by implication and breeding, the Tea Party, too—when he wrote the Paranoid Style. Though we see just as much of the paranoiac’s rage against her own inefficaciousness, projected this time onto Windsor-knotted totems, in the inert gyrations of the Occupiers.

But more than Right and Left, Entropy reserves its heartiest guffaw for the Hofstadters themselves—for the Brylcreemed technocrat Friends of Archimedes who thought if they could stand far enough away, with a big enough lever, they could lift the very Earth from off its foundations and diagram its armature for posterity with a steely detached clinicism. That somehow because they could look upon the abyss they were free of it.

One can imagine the parties, in the vague years between Eisenhower and Reagan, where ordinary people first borrowed, as Hofstadter did, from the DSM, and enunciated terms like “codependence” with a skilled labor. Now, the psychobabble is so much a part of the grammar we don’t notice it, but then it must have been so comforting—if only for that transitory disenchanting moment—for self-loathing deviants and hysteric housewives everywhere to expose in medicinal language the causal structure of their most fearsome despairs.

But to have named something is not, as it is sometimes suggested, to have power over it. Indeed, it was the most perverted assumption of the Hofstadters of the world that if the jointure of determinism were laid sufficiently bare, they could find room therein for Free Will.

And it’s these very boomer bastards—clueless and compromised and inexorable—who run the world Elizabeth and Tim and You and I stand to inherit. Our Paranoid Style, as opposed to theirs, is provisional and contingent and contextualized. It is self-delimited, rooted in the small-c conservative conviction that Man is neither perfect nor perfectible—and don’t get us started on Woman.

It was incubated in New York, where nobody cares about anything, and birthed in D.C., where everybody cares about Nothing—but it eschews the bipolar, all-or-nothing fight between God and the Devil, in favor of confronting the rabble of lesser deities of deprivation and excess who constitute the pantheon from which our generation poaches their boutique metaphysics a la carte.

And the beauty of lesser gods, as Saul Bellow had it, is you can take their names however you like.

—Dan Foster, Fall, 2013



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Crooks on Tape is on MAGNET Magazine’s “What Record Are You Most Looking Forward To Next Week?” poll. Fingerprint—their debut album—is out next week. Please do VOTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!