Spineriders - Hello Future Tinglies

Spineriders Hello Future Tinglies is out today via all digital outlets. Spineriders was the old band of the late, great Jason Molina (Magnolia Electric Co, Songs: Ohia). Jason was a Lorain, OH native and played in the Spineriders with Todd Jacops (Songs: Ohia), Mike McCartney (Songs: Ohia), and Carl Raponi.

We’ve also prepared a limited-edition cassette and print for the release, which can be purchased via the Misra store. These will be available via certain retailers on the first ever Cassette Store Day — Tuesday, September 7, 2013!

Pitchfork announced the release and streamed a track. You can also spin the album in its entirety via SPIN. All proceeds will go to the Musicians Emergency Medical Association. Alright!