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VICE Premieres New Holopaw Remix!  

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dirtyboots remix

Holopaw teamed up with Ape School (former Paw member Michael Johnson) for a remix of the celebrated song “Dirty Boots (He Don’t).” VICE premiered the (viral) video for “Dirty Boots” earlier this year and have followed-up by premiering the Apeschooled remix of the same track.

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“Misra Records has a history of dropping hot new shit to celebrate Pride Month. Exactly one year ago, the label released a split pink vinyl with indie rockers Holopaw and Sleeping States. This time around, in the spirit of rainbow flags, tiny speedos, strap-ons, and everything else that is holy, they’re dropping a remix of Holopaw’s ‘Dirty Boots (He Don’t)’ by Michael Johnson (Ape School and former Holopaw member). You remember “Dirty Boots (He Don’t)”? We premiered the music video right here on That video was so hot, even the straight dudes in the office were popping biker-induced boners. Michael’s remix of the original track, however, ups the ante with a smooth elixir of the drum machine and funky bass that gets the blood pumping to all the right places. Whether you’re gay, straight, bisexual, or even if you just love yourself (I see you, asexuals!) give the remix a listen and wave that sexually ambiguous flag proudly.”

Written by leo on June 25th, 2014

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Holopaw: Out Of Town Films Presents “Diamonds” • “Dirty Boots (He Don’t)” Video Casting Notice  

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“Diamonds” via Out Of Town Films

Thanks to Out Of Town FilmsApe School, Colin Kerrigan, Michael Johnson, Michael James Murray, and Rocco Avallone for this phenomenal new video of Holopaw’s “Diamonds” –– track #3 from their recent Academy Songs, Volume I LP.

Paw invited OOTF to their friend Michael Johnson’s studio, Ape School, last winter In Philadelphia to document a few songs. The first being “Golden Sparklers”, which OOTF already released (below), and the second being this one, “Diamonds”. Enjoy.

Produced by Out Of Town Films
Filmed by Colin Kerrigan, Michael James Murray and Rocco Avallone
Edited by Michael James Murray
Audio by Michael Johnson / Ape School
Shot on location at Ape School in Philadelphia, PA
Special thanks to Michael Johnson and Daniel Gill from Forcefield PR

“Dirty Boots (He Don’t)” Video Casting Notice

Holopaw and filmmaker Adam Baran recently put out a NYC casting notice for their forthcoming video for “Dirty Boots (He Don’t)” –– track #5 from their recent Academy Songs, Volume I LP. Here is the Facebook event. More info below. If you’re interested, contact Adam at

“Acclaimed Gainesville, FL band Holopaw seeking unique gay or trans male actors and performers to play members of a raucous gay leather biker gang for a sexually charged music video directed by former BUTT Magazine editor Adam Baran. The video is for Holopaw’s song “Dirty Boots (He’ Don’t)”, an homage to the classic Shangri-La’s song “Out in the Streets” from the band’s recent queer concept album Academy Songs, Vol 1. Inspiration for the video includes Kenneth Anger (Scorpio Rising), the German biker youth photographs of Karlheinz Weinberger and the films of Fred Halsted and Joe Gage.”