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Sleeping States / Holopaw • Out Magazine Announces Release • Sleeping States Single  

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Out Magazine–the highest circulating gay monthly publication in the United States–announced Sleeping States / Holopaw Old vs. New EP b/w Through ‘Til The Morning EP today. In addition, they highlighted Sleeping States’ fabulous “Planning My Escape.”

For those in the dark on this release. In celebration of LGBT Pride Month (June), Misra is releasing:

  • Sleeping States / Holopaw Split 12″
  • MSR069: Old vs. New EP b/w Through ’til the Morning EP
  • Two EPs from two openly gay frontmen.
  • Pink vinyl cut at 45 RPM featuring Pink Triangle for gay pride/rights
  • Holopaw remix by Brian Deck (producer for Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine, etc).
  • Out June 18, 2013 – LGBT Pride Month
  • Please note: a portion of proceeds from album sales will go to The Point Foundation–an organization designed to help LGBTQ students achieve their full academic and leadership potential, despite obstacles put before them (

You can pre-order the split 12″ here and receive both Sleeping States and Holopaw’s full-length Misra releases on CD when you do so. Thanks so much for your support! It means more than you know!


SLEEPING STATES / HOLOPAW • Pre-Orders Come with SS / Paw’s Misra Full-Lengths • Portion of Proceeds to Point Foundation (LGBT)  

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All Sleeping States / Holopaw Old vs. New EP b/w Through til the Morning EP pre-orders will receive Sleeping States’ There the Open Spaces (MSR047) and Holopaw’s Academy Songs, Volume I (MSR067) on CD. In addition, a portion of proceeds from album sales will go to The Point Foundation – an organization designed to help LGBTQ students achieve their full academic and leadership potential, despite obstacles put before them (

Recap: Holopaw‘s John Orth and Sleeping States‘ Markland Starkie are both openly gay Misra artists. The label approached the two wildly talented frontmen about this release in early 2013. We are all extremely elated it’s coming together.

Artist: Sleeping States / Holopaw
Title: Old vs. New EP b/w Through ‘til the Morning EP
Catalog Number: MSR069
Release Date: June 18, 2013 – Two openly gay frontmen release split 12″ in celebration LGBT Pride Month

“Gorgeous… we want more, John!”
- OUT Magazine on Holopaw

“Starkie sings in a breathless lilting croon”
- Pitchfork on Sleeping States (8.0)

Bristol, UK’s Sleeping States and Gainesville, Florida’s Holopaw will release a split 12” on June 18, 2013 in celebration of LGBT Pride Month. The graceful voices of Markland Starkie (Sleeping States) and John Orth (Holopaw), both openly gay musicians, ride above innovative rock & roll on this momentous release.

Cut at 45 RPM and pressed on pink vinyl by Furnace MFG, the split 12” consists of two unique EPs. Sleeping States’ Old vs. New is a reworking of older songs in a newer context and was originally released overseas via Bella Union. Holopaw’s Through ‘til the Morning is a nonpareil nine-minute remix of Academy Songs, Volume I (Misra; 2013) done by Brian Deck. A member of Red Red Meat and Califone, Deck has produced records for Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine, Holopaw, Ugly Casanova (Orth’s collaboration with Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock) and more. The remix also features additional tracking from Califone’s Benny Massarella.

Sleeping States makes its way through five songs in just over ten minutes. From the nimble “Planning My Escape” and “A Trip to NYC” to the unruly title track, “Liberty Feelup” (a cover originally by Scottish art-pop band, Life Without Buildings) and “Trumpet Calls,” the momentum on Old vs. New never dies. As Pitchfork remarked in their 8.0 review of Sleeping States’ last album, In the Gardens of the North, “Starkie sings in a breathless lilting croon.” Indeed, Markland Starkie’s gorgeous voice is at its strongest on this sharp, short, sweet collection.

Brian Deck’s remix of Holopaw’s Academy Songs, Volume I fuses the original songs in a breathtaking manner. Academy is intended to be an extremely imprecise concept album set at an all-boys preparatory academy, however, those notions are set aside as Deck blends the record into a beguiling nine-minute dream. Glimpses of the characters’ escapades and emotions surface but are quickly curtailed and melded from one sonic vignette to another. It’s an impressive amalgamation. Earlier this year, OUT Magazine beamed that Orth’s work was “gorgeous,” saying “We want more, John!” Well, here it is.

The Sleeping States / Holopaw LGBT Pride Month release is packaged in a minimalist kraft board sleeve revealing the pink triangle – an international symbol of gay pride and gay rights. Appropriated from Nazi Germany, the pink triangle was once displayed upside down and used to identify gay men in concentration camps. The packaging on this release is designed to resemble the unmarked “physique” journals of the mid-twentieth century.

The talents of both Starkie and Orth have long impressed Misra Records. With a dire need for equality still unmet in the LGBT community, do help us celebrate two of our finest artists. These are beautiful voices of gay pride!

Track List:

Sleeping States Old vs. New EP
1. Planning My Escape
2. Old vs. New
3. Liberty Feelup (Life Without Buildings Cover)
4. A Trip to NYC
5. Trumpet Calls

Holopaw Through ’til the Morning EP
1. Through ’til the Morning