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R. Ring in Columbus! • Kelley Deal & Mike Montgomery Play 4th & 4th Fest Tomorrow!  

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R. Ring will play 4th & 4th Festival in Columbus, Ohio tomorrow. The band received some love via “Columbus Alive!” 

Written by leo on July 3rd, 2014

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Columbus Alive! premieres new Black Swans video  

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Columbus Alive! premiered The Black Swans’ video for “Where Are You Tonight?” – track 7 from Occasion for Song (Misra; 2012). The wonderfully hilarious video features Billy “The Columbus King” Cash and embodies the lovable, melancholic characteristics of one of the greatest bands around today. Enjoy!

Written by leo on December 6th, 2012

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Black Swans Release New Album this Tuesday • Columbus Alive! • KDHX Streaming New Album  

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  • The Black Swans release Occasion for Song this Tuesday, July 31. For a limited spell, you can get some varied deals on purchasing the new album [link].
  • Columbus Alive! recently did a wonderful piece on O4S.
  • For a limited spell, you can stream the new album in its entirety via our friends at KDHX in St. Louis.

Black Swans House Show Videos – Columbus Alive! & Donewaiting  

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The Black Swans have been one of Grandma’s very favorites for a long while now. She first saw them play back in 2004 at Donkey Coffee in Athens, OH on the heels of their debut album Who Will Walk in the Darkness with You? 

The band has changed a lot since then, but still managed to retain the same beautiful, strange, intelligent ethos. Here is evidence of all that — a house show video of the song “Fickled & Faded” off their forthcoming Misra release Occasion for Song (July 31). It’s one in a series now up on The Black Swans YouTube channel.

Too, Columbus Alive! and Donewaiting did nice previews on the new album a bit back. Look for an unrolling of national press upon the album’s release. You can pre-order Occasion for Song here for a limited-time lower price.

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