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Grandma Misra Adds History of Locales to Tour Updates  

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Grandma Misra has always been allured by history. In fact, her fascination with the past (and its impact on the present) is largely why she took over the label in late 2010. Misra had released groundbreaking titles from Destroyer, Shearwater, Phosphorescent, etc., however, for various reasons, operations were on hiatus. Here we are in late 2012 and we’re rolling once more.

Anyway, in an effort to learn more about our world, Grandma decided to add tiny pieces of historical information to tour updates. Misra already alerts folks via Facebook, Twitter, etc. when label artists are coming to their towns. This will remain the same, however, updates will become geekier with the inclusion of history on the various locales. Here’s one from today via Misra’s Facebook. Welcome to our world of dorkiness:

Will Johnson plays Buffalo, NY tonight as part of his Living Room Tour. Buffalo (first settled in 1789) grew rapidly after the presence of the Ohio Erie Canal in 1825 and later became a major railroad hub. By 1900 Buffalo was the 8th largest city in the U.S. Not half bad.

Written by leo on September 26th, 2012

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