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R. Ring Set to Hit the Road Soon + Devo Skateboarding Single & Video  

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R. Ring are posed to hit the road again here soon (dates below). The four-day run kicks off in Kelley Deal’s hometown of Dayton, OH (Mike Montgomery will make the short drive from Dayton, KY to join).

In addition, R.R have made 100 copies of the DEVO song “Mr.DNA” that they covered with professional skateboarder Kristian Svitak on limited, hand-cut, griptape-covered blocks of wood, each custom stenciled  by Dayton writer KELP! The discs contain an audio track of the song plus a video clip of the song re-edited by Adam Kure to Kristian’s original 88footwear skate part.  They’ll be available starting August 29 at the aforementioned Southpark Tavern show in Dayton, OH (Kristian will be joining R. Ring on drums for this string of shows!). The track will still be available digitally through Mike’s Ampline-associated Phratry Records as well.

We’ll have a proper announcement regarding the release date of R. Ring’s debut release with Misra here very soon. We’ve got production underway and are making this thing sound and look great!

R. Ring

Date City Venue Country
08/29/12 Dayton, OH South Park Tavern United States
with King Elk (featuring members of Southeast Engine)
08/30/12 Youngstown, OH Cedar’s Lounge United States
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $8. Age restrictions: 18+.
08/31/12 Cincinnati, OH MidPoint Indie Summer Series United States
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: free. Age restrictions: All Ages.
09/01/12 Athens, OH The Union United States
Address: 22 W Union St..

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R. Ring on ESPN for Skateboarding Video – Another Reminder: On Tour Now – Huntington Date Added  

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Watch R. Ring Skateboarding Video/Devo Cover

Verbiage pulled from ESPN:

When 1031 Skateboards owner-pro Kristian Svitak began archiving all his video parts on YouTube, one part in particular kept getting flagged and removed.

Svitak’s part in the now-defunct 88 Footwear’s “Destroy Everything Now” video (2004) was removed by Warner Brothers. The song he used was Devo’s “Mr. DNA.”

Dealing with music rights on YouTube is a constant challenge. Videos are taken down and accounts are shut down every day because of copyright infringement. “Destroy Everything Now” was just one of many skate videos created during an era that predated YouTube itself, back before obtaining music rights was common practice in skateboarding.

Svitak, a musician himself, has been drumming in San Diego-based band The Heartaches for more than a decade. He decided to skirt the copyright issue, by recording a cover of “Mr. DNA,” and redubbing the video part. He enlisted the musical talents of Kelley Deal (formerly of The Breeders) and Mike Montgomery (who currently plays in R.Ring, alongside Deal), and together the three recorded the cover.

“I first met Kelley in the mid ’90s,” says Svitak, “She used to have this really great band called The Kelley Deal 6000. I saw they were coming to town, so being a Breeders fan, I went to the show. I ended up lurking around after the show and got to talk to her. Fast forward many years later, we finally starting doing some projects together.” They went into Cincinnati, Ohio’s Candy Land studio as a three piece, and recorded.

Deal admits to some trepidation about the cover song. “Devo are great, but so idiosyncratic! I thought it was going to require some crazy musical gymnastics to make it sound just so,” she explains. “But really, when I think about Devo, the idea of us covering their song with ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘spunk’ versus ‘technical know-how’ makes all sorts of sense.”

It was a happy coincidence that Svitak had moved from California back to his home state of Ohio in 2011. Once there, he reunited with Deal, and the opportunity to record presented itself. “I had been going down to Dayton quite a bit just to play with her and Mike Montgomery — nothing serious, just having fun playing music,” he says.

Technically, Svitak still runs the risk of getting flagged, or even having his YouTube channel shut down. But even though it’s not strictly-speaking “legal,” cover songs on YouTube are generally more tolerated.

The cover song was released by Phratry Records, and is available — legally — through Deal’s web site The 88 part, as well as Svitak’s other video parts, is currently available here on the 1031 Skateboards YouTube channel.


Heyo, as previously mentionedR. Ring is on tour right now. Note that the Huntington, WV date with Shovels & Rope on 5/18 was just added and it’s FREE.

R. Ring

Date City Venue Country
05/12/12 Brooklyn, NY The Rock Shop United States
Time: 7:30pm. Admission: $10 adv. / $12 doors. Age restrictions: 21+. w/ Gem Club / Hawk and Dove / Cuff The Duke BUY TICKETS
05/13/12 New York, NY Mercury Lounge United States
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: $12.90. Age restrictions: 21+. w/ Beast Make Bomb BUY TICKETS
05/14/12 Philadelphia, PA North Star Bar United States
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $8. Age restrictions: 21+. BUY TICKETS
05/15/12 Washington DC DC9 United States
Time: 8:30pm. Admission: $10. Age restrictions: 18+. BUY TICKETS
05/16/12 Durham, NC Motorco (Garage Bar) United States
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $7 adv. / $8 doors + $3 membersh. BUY TICKETS
05/17/12 Asheville, NC The LAB United States
Time: 9:30pm. Admission: $10. w/ Ryan Barrington Cox
05/18/12 Huntington, WV The Black Sheep United States
Time: 9:00pm. with Shovels & Rope FREE show, doggles
05/18/12 -05/19/12 Nelsonville, OH Nelsonville Music Festival United States
Time: 9:30pm. BUY TICKETS

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