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Happy Release Day to Holopaw!  

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Holopaw’s beautiful new album – Academy Songs, Volume I – is officially out today! Misra Records is extremely grateful for the opportunity to be part of this record. Check out the different album covers (separate album art for CD & LP versions), listen to the singles, and read the Holopaw bio below. Also, for this week only you can stream the album in its entirety at Spinner. Head here to purchase Academy Songs, Volume I and thanks so much for supporting independent music.

Academy Songs, Volume I LP Album Cover


Academy Songs, Volume I CD Album Cover



Singles from Academy Songs, Volume I 

Holopaw Academy Songs, Volume I Biography

Academy Songs, Volume I, Holopaw’s Misra Records debut, takes the band to never-treaded levels. Through three records and a collaboration with Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock (Ugly Casanova), frontman John Orth has honed his gift for lyricism, storytelling, and delivery. Now, backed by a variant possessing uncanny chemistry (complete with identical twin brothers), we’ve been graced with an unparalleled, breathtaking Holopaw album.

Over a ten-song cycle, the close quarters of an all-boys preparatory academy, and the world beyond its “ivied walls,” become the sites of devotion, betrayal, communion (or near-communion), and abject loneliness. The joys and thrills and dangers of both discovery and transgression are detailed. “The rising and falling of their little lives” is illuminated in stunning imagery.

Hips to hips and knees to knees / the heaving hills / the swollen seas / the hollows and the frozen peaks. / Fingers smell of tangerines. / Slow curve rivulets / the see-see-sawing of our breaths / the loamy, sticky in-betweens / the ticklish bubbling underneath.

The album maps, rather vigorously, the physical and emotional terrain of its young characters’ lives. Throughout, it finds them both reveling together and exiled from one another.

Golden sparklers / flares lobbed into the dark / fountains of embers / sucked into the night. / Wipe the sweat from the window to watch the firework display. / Roman candles arched over the lake.

The boys had all been sent to the far side of the lake / one held back until the fever breaks / sweating through his nightshirt / orchids curling into bloom / volunteer sleeps in the corner of the room / “Pardon me, sir. Sorry to wake you.” / “Respectfully, I say, this fever is not breaking.” / “There’s a war I’m steady losing on the far side of the lake” / “to a little dark horse who’s steady rising through the ranks.”

Jeremy Scott drove his Civil Defense Studio down from Brooklyn to record Academy Songs in a St. Augustine beach house. Serendipitously, the physical intimacy of the experience seemed to mirror the boys academy detailed in song. Holopaw lived, worked, cooked, and swam together. Their world consisted of playing music and cutting paths from beach house to beach and back again. Long days recording were celebrated over homemade horchata, fish tacos, and a different flavor of hand-churned ice cream each night (ginger lime and peach brown sugar standing out as favorites). A night swim would commence, followed by recording into the dark and light of morning.

Paw’s Patrick Quinney summarized the experience upon returning: “You know that feeling you have after swimming and getting a lot of sun, where you seem to experience every little thing–food, rest, humor, music–as a kind of deep physical and spiritual luxury? We have been asked by a surprising number of people if the recording got ‘beachy’ out there: in the sense that we made it entirely in an atmosphere of that physical and spiritual luxury, I would have to say that it did. I certainly hope that everything that sounded good or seemed like a great idea at the time will continue to do so after the last of the sand is out of our shoes.”

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Holopaw on Pitchfork’s List of Records to Look Forward to in the Coming Months  

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Holopaw’s fabulous Academy Songs, Volume I will see release on January 15. It’s an absolutely phenomenal collection of songs and we couldn’t be more elated to be part of it all.

Pitchfork recently listed Holopaw’s Academy Songs, Volume I in it’s “List of records to look forward to in the coming months.”  Listen to the singles and B-side below. To note: the LP & CD version have different covers and are included alongside the “Golden Sparklers” b/w “Yearling’s Darlings” 7″ below.

“Golden Sparklers” Pitchfork Premiere
“Discotheque” MTV Hive Premiere
“Yearling’s Darlings” (B-side) Under the Radar Premiere

LP Cover



CD Cover

7″ Cover








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R. Ring on Radio K • Holopaw Early Press  

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R. Ring’s “Fallout & Fire” was recently featured on the widely loved Radio K up in MPLS. Holopaw: in addition to their recent track premieres on Pitchfork, Under the Radar, and MTV Hive, the band got some early love from the kind folks at Extreme Nonchalance. Paw’s breathtaking new album – Academy Songs, Volume I – is out January 15. Pre-order here.

MTV Hive Premieres Holopaw’s “Discotheque” • Paw Hits the Road in February  

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MTV Hive premiered Holopaw’s “Discotheque” today and put together a very well-crafted, thoughtful, intelligent assessment of track #7 off Paw’s forthcoming Academy Songs, Volume I (out 1/15). Oh, do read the feature and pre-order the record here. It’s an absolutely beautiful collection of songs.

Holopaw heads out on tour in February

2/1: Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
2/2: Charleston, SC @ Tin Roof
2/4: Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery*
2/5: Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwell’s*
2/6: New Haven, CT @ BAR*
2/7: Allston, MA @ Great Scott*
2/8: Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory*
2/9: Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie*
2/11: Washington D.C. @ Comet Ping Pong
2/12: Chapel Hill, NC @ Night Light
2/13: Athens, GA @ Farm 255
2/14: St. Augustine, FL @ Nobby’s 

*w/ Love as Laughter

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MTV Hive Recommends the Forthcoming Black Swans Album  

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MTV Hive has recommended The Black Swans’ Occasion for Song (out July 31) as part of their summer playlists. Check out the piece here and pre-order the album here. It really is a beautiful collection of songs. Thanks to MTV Hive and Jim Allen for the support!

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