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Ark Life “The Dream of You and Me” Out Now!  

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Ark Life’s The Dream of You and Me is out now! You can pick up the debut album at Greater Than Collective and stream it in its entirety at Guitar World!

American Songwriter Video Premiere  of “Proud of Me Out There, Mama

Paste Song Premiere of “Let Your Heart Break

Daytrotter Session [link]

Centro-matic Paste Video Premiere – Bastrop County Fire Memorial Video  

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Last year, Misra donated some of our Will Johnson & Centro-matic stock to WJ’s efforts in aiding Bastrop County fire victims. To note: credit should be given to Will, not Misra, for this great thought and effort. Alas, we were very happy to help in the cause.

Pulled from Paste Magazine‘s website:

To memorialize the victims, Denton-based rockers Centro-matic filmed a video for their song “Against the Line” amongst some of the fire’s debris. The video is meant to highlight the devastation the fire caused, but also to bring hope—it features a group of children cleaning up debris from a charred forest.

Centro-matic’s Will Johnson explains:

“The 2011 Bastrop County fires affected thousands of people, homes, pets and wildlife in an area very dear to my family and many of our friends. My wife, step-son and I lived out there for a time, and the Lost Pines State Park quickly became our common weekend destination; a place of sanctuary and inspiration. Our band held a couple of fundraisers in the aftermath of these devastating fires, but found that we also wanted to pay tribute in a more creative way. This video is our means of tribute to the area, its people, and the rebuilding efforts and signs of new life that are taking place in Bastrop County.”

Southeast Engine Plugged – Sassy Live Video  

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Some nice early mentions from Hear Ya, Donewaiting, and Ghettoblaster on Southeast Engine’s Canaanville EP – out July 31 (same day as The Black Swans’ Occasion for Song).

To note: Misra never made that quote in the Hear Ya piece, though it is humorous. Canaanville is a 4-song appendix EP designed to accompany Canary (2011). It’s being sold as a T-Shirt Album here.

Here is a live video Sarah Laubacher took at the band’s recent Cincinnati show at MOTR. Fun!

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Black Swans House Show Videos – Columbus Alive! & Donewaiting  

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The Black Swans have been one of Grandma’s very favorites for a long while now. She first saw them play back in 2004 at Donkey Coffee in Athens, OH on the heels of their debut album Who Will Walk in the Darkness with You? 

The band has changed a lot since then, but still managed to retain the same beautiful, strange, intelligent ethos. Here is evidence of all that — a house show video of the song “Fickled & Faded” off their forthcoming Misra release Occasion for Song (July 31). It’s one in a series now up on The Black Swans YouTube channel.

Too, Columbus Alive! and Donewaiting did nice previews on the new album a bit back. Look for an unrolling of national press upon the album’s release. You can pre-order Occasion for Song here for a limited-time lower price.

Thanks for supporting independent music!

Reminder: Bears “Greater Lakes”  

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Greater Lakes

Children of Pop, a reminder that Bears’ Greater Lakes is available and highly infectious. The band released the album on Valentine’s Day of this year — it was distributed by Misra and our sister label Bloodshot Records. Below are some of the accolades Greater Lakes received. You can purchase the album here.

NPR Song of the Day
Alternative Press
– The Fire Note
– Cleveland Scene Magazine
– Das Klienicum (German)
– Miojo Indie (Portuguese)
– The Wounded Jukebox
– 360 Grados de Separación (Spanish)
– One Chord to Another
– 3hive
– Like Sugar
– Tram 7 (Swedish)
– 5 Acts
– The Noise Is
– Examiner
– I Rock Cleveland
– Guteshoerenistwichtig (German)
– Come Pick Me Up
– Captain’s Dead
– Parasites and Sycophants
– Ardent Studios (an interview, of sorts)

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