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Praise Continues to Roll in for The Black Swans’ “Occasion for Song”  

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The Black Swans newest release, Occasion for Song, has been receiving a lot of praise, including a great cumulative score from Metacritic. In addition, Consequence of Sound described the album as “…the band’s most shatteringly personal offering to date.”  AllMusic gave the album 4/5 stars and stated “He [DeCicca] uses allusion, metaphor, and history to weave his own hybrid mythology; none of his songs feel strictly confessional — even if they are — which is part of what makes The Black Swans’ sparse Americana so compelling.”

Just a reminder:  you can purchase the album from Grandma Misra’s online store.

Written by Molly on August 6th, 2012

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Black Swans Record Store Deals  

Posted at 9:56 am

Thanks so much to our sister label/distributor Bloodshot Records and all the following stores for setting up sales, listening posts, and deals on the new Black Swans record. Occasion for Song is an absolutely gorgeous set of songs and you can get deals on it at the stores below. Regardless, head down and support your local record store!


CD CELLAR (Anniston)- Listening Post & Sale Priced THRU 8/31


LAURIE’S PLANET OF SOUND (Chicago)- Listening Post THRU 8/31

RECKLESS RECORDS (Chicago- 3 Stores)- Listening Post THRU 8/31


LANDLOCKED MUSIC (Bloomington)- Listening Post & Sale Priced THRU 8/31


OTHER MUSIC (NYC)- Sale Priced THRU 8/31


SCHOOLKIDS (Raleigh)- Listening Post & Sale Priced THRU 8/31


CULTURE CLASH (Toledo)- Listening Post & Sale Priced THRU 8/31

LOST WEEKEND RECORDS (Columbus)- Sale Priced THRU 8/31

MAGNOLIA THUNDERPUSSY (Columbus)- Listening Post & Sale Priced THRU 8/31

SHAKE IT RECORDS (Cincinnati)- Listening Post & Sale Priced THRU 8/31


MUSIC MILLENNIUM (Portland)- Listening Post & Sale Priced THRU 8/31


GRIMEY’S (Nashville)- Listening Post & Sale Priced THRU 8/31


END OF AN EAR (Austin)- Listening Post & Sale Priced THRU 8/31

WATERLOO (Austin)- Listening Post & Sale Priced THRU 8/31


SILVER PLATTERS (Seattle- 3 Stores)- Listening Post & Sale Priced THRU 8/28


STRICTLY DISCS (Madison)- Listening Post THRU 8/31

Black Swans Receiving Phenomenal Praise for “Occasion for Song”  

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Above >>> The Black Swans play Columbus, Ohio’s Lost Weekend Records to celebrate the release of Occasion for Song. 

Our beloved Black Swans have been receiving some phenomenal press for their new album Occasion for Song. It was released yesterday and you can purchase it [here]. Your support means a great deal to all of us.

Quick Listen [link]: ”Portsmouth, Ohio”

The Black Swans • “Occasion for Song” • Released Today!  

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We are elated to announce that The Black Swans’ Occasion for Song is officially out today. Occasion for Song is a messy long-haul of emotions dealing with the death of founding member and violinist Noel Sayre, and the aftermath of memory, shock, and loss it created. Please show your support and purchase the album here.

Quick Listen [link]: ”Portsmouth, Ohio”

Early Praise: AllMusic (4/5) • Prefix (8) • Dusted • Paste •No Depression • Largehearted Boy

Tour Dates [link]: More dates TBA. The Black Swans will also open for WHY? this autumn for a long stretch. More on that soon.

Black Swans Release New Album this Tuesday • Columbus Alive! • KDHX Streaming New Album  

Posted at 8:52 am

  • The Black Swans release Occasion for Song this Tuesday, July 31. For a limited spell, you can get some varied deals on purchasing the new album [link].
  • Columbus Alive! recently did a wonderful piece on O4S.
  • For a limited spell, you can stream the new album in its entirety via our friends at KDHX in St. Louis.

Black Swans Nail 8.0 Review from Prefix Mag  

Posted at 11:20 am

The Black Swans nailed an 8.0 review from Prefix Mag today. The time and care Jim Allen put into the piece is wonderful. Here is the opening paragraph:

“Let’s make one thing clear — there was never a secret supergroup session at some home studio in Nashville that included Lee Hazlewood, Townes Van Zandt, Stuart Staples from Tindersticks, and Mickey Newbury. That’s unforunate on a basic level, but also because it would have handily explained the genesis of the sounds emanating from Occasion For Song by The Black Swans. The Ohio-based band led by singer/songwriter Jerry DeCicca bears its share of melancholy and then some on their fifth album, but so do a million and one other indie bands, and none of them come anywere close to evoking the same sort of sad-sack super session described above.”

To note: the official release date for The Black Swans Occasion for Song is 7/31, not 7/17. You can pre-order the album here.

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The Black Swans Podcast with Talus, Or Scree  

Posted at 2:52 pm

Black Swans frontman Jerry DeCicca recently did an interview with Talus, Or Scree.

Via the T, OS site:

“We talk with Jerry DeCicca, songwriter, singer, and acoustic guitarist for The Black Swans, about their forthcoming album Occasion for Song, out on Misra Records. We also touch on their previous albums, like this onethis one, and this one.

But, Jerry wears many hats. For one, the top hat he dons as Dr. Silverfoot, his balloon animal making alter-ego. He’s also produced some great albums with such songwriters as Larry John WilsonBob Martin, and Ed Askew. This work, in turn, lead to collaborations with Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Ed Askew himself.

But that’s not all. Jerry is also at work on a book that compiles narratives from obscure American singer-songwriters, which also reflects on his life as an American singer-songwriter. The episode opens with a cut off the new album and closes with one off their previous album, Don’t Blame the Stars. Settle in and give a listen, both on record and in conversation. He’s a great fella doing a lot of interesting work. Buy an album, see a show, spread the word!”

Black Swans on Uprooted Music Revue’s Top 25 – No Depression & UMR Interview  

Posted at 10:01 am

The Black Swans recently made Uprooted Music Revue’s Favorite 25 Recordings of 2012 (So Far) for Occasion for Song (an album that isn’t even out until 7/31). This is a testimony to the power of the record.

Chris Mateer – the phenomenal fellow behind the list – is also conducting an interview with frontman Jerry DeCicca. The interview will appear via both Uprooted Music Revue and No Depression.

Also, check out that amazing new Black Swans press photo. Jerry’s alter-ego is Dr. Silverfoot – a balloon sculptor.

MTV Hive Recommends the Forthcoming Black Swans Album  

Posted at 5:15 am

MTV Hive has recommended The Black Swans’ Occasion for Song (out July 31) as part of their summer playlists. Check out the piece here and pre-order the album here. It really is a beautiful collection of songs. Thanks to MTV Hive and Jim Allen for the support!

Written by leo on June 17th, 2012

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Black Swans House Show Videos – Columbus Alive! & Donewaiting  

Posted at 12:43 pm

The Black Swans have been one of Grandma’s very favorites for a long while now. She first saw them play back in 2004 at Donkey Coffee in Athens, OH on the heels of their debut album Who Will Walk in the Darkness with You? 

The band has changed a lot since then, but still managed to retain the same beautiful, strange, intelligent ethos. Here is evidence of all that — a house show video of the song “Fickled & Faded” off their forthcoming Misra release Occasion for Song (July 31). It’s one in a series now up on The Black Swans YouTube channel.

Too, Columbus Alive! and Donewaiting did nice previews on the new album a bit back. Look for an unrolling of national press upon the album’s release. You can pre-order Occasion for Song here for a limited-time lower price.

Thanks for supporting independent music!