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Hammer Down – Rest in Peace Jason Molina  

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A newspaper clipping featuring Molina’s high school band The Spine Riders. Shared via friend Todd Jacops – an original member of Songs: Ohia.

We are all deeply saddened to hear that Jason Molina of Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. has passed away. He was a phenomenal Ohio musician and his music meant a lot to many in the Misra camp.

Molina hit close to home (literally and figuratively) and Misra had artists lucky enough to share stages and records with him throughout his expansive career. Will Johnson of Centro-matic released Molina & Johnson alongside Jason in 2009 and Southeast Engine played shows and shared the same booking agent as MEC. In addition, Shearwater did a number of dates with Molina back in the day.

His music seemed to make time stand still and, for brief moments, it left a lingering sense that everything was going to be okay. Oh, what a beautiful gift Jason Molina gave. “It ain’t Hallelujah, but it might as well have been.”

Old Songs: Ohia flier shared via friend Todd Jacops – an original member of the band.

Pitchfork Praises Ohio’s Mus-I-col Studio, Plugs The Black Swans & Features Ohio Friends  

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Ohio’s own Joel Oliphint recently wrote a phenomenal Pitchfork feature on Columbus’ famed Mus-I-col Recording Studio. Mus-I-col (est. 1964) is where our beloved Black Swans recorded their most recent album Occasion for Song. In doing so, the band joined a long line of greats who have recorded at the legendary studio. The article features a Black Swans song, quotes from Black Swans frontman Jerry DeCicca, as well as quotes from Ohio friends Bela Koe-Krompecher (Anyway Records), Adam Elliott (Times New Viking), and much more. Writer Joel Oliphint was also the longtime editor of Donewaiting – Ohio’s main independent music blog. GOhio!

Donewaiting – Ohio’s Main Independent Music Blog – will Cease Digital Operations, Go Print-Only with 10th Anniversary Bash  

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Donewaiting is raising the middle finger to the Internet – to the inundated, fast-paced, chintzy culture that often transforms otherwise thoughtful citizens into distracted mental loafers. Of course, this is not always the case, but it happens enough to make any online entity exhausted after a decade.

Yes, Ohio’s main independent music blog is ending digital production in February and will become a print-only entity in the summer. This will commence upon the 10th Anniversary of the blog and Donewaiting plans to release one issue per year. Misra Manager Leo DeLuca wrote for Donewaiting over the past year and mainly championed bands in his hometown of Dayton, OH. Here’s a feature DeLuca wrote on the 15th anniversary of Timmy Taylor’s passing. Taylor was frontman for legendary Dayton band 3RA1N1AC (Brainiac).

Donewaiting have put the final touches on their anniversary/goodbye/hello weekend in Columbus, OH. Here are the details:

Friday, February 15 @ Ace of Cups | Facebook RSVP
DJ DetoxFabrashay-ABarely EagleFumesBru Lei

Saturday, February 16 @ Ace of Cups | Facebook RSVP
EYEMiranda SoundCheater SlicksSinkane DJ Set featuring Ahmed & Jaytram

Sunday, February 17 @ Double Happiness | Facebook RSVP
Presented with Benco

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Emily Rodgers on Youngstown Show  

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Emily Rodgers recently performed and did in an interview in Youngstown, Ohio for the Jimmyfro Show. It’s a fantastic segment. Rodgers’ Bright Day was released on Misra in 2009.

“Emily Rodgers has one of those haunting, unforgettable voices that radiates with a surreal beauty.” NPR All Songs Considered

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American Songwriter lists Black Swans at #11 in Top 50 Songs of 2012  

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The Black Swans were recently listed at #11 on American Songwriter’s Top 50 Songs of 2012. Written by Jerry DeCicca, the heavy-hearted “Portsmouth, Ohio” chronicles the day the band’s late violinist Noel Sayre died in a swimming pool accident, with a journalistic eye and no sentimentality, taking the listener from the diving board to the I.C.U. to chicken salad sandwiches on the 4th of July. The swimming pool is featured on the cover of Occasion for Song (Misra; 2012). “Portsmouth, Ohio” has the signature of most great songs – a seemingly effortless ability to make time stand still. It’s a phenomenal track. Do listen here.

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Human Cannonball  

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Southeast Engine’s wildly talented bassist & harmony vocalist Jesse Remnant writes and records in a band called Human Cannonball. Backed by a band of equally talented Dayton, OH sons, Remnant’s knack for melody is quite remarkable. Here is a piece Don Thrasher (Guided By Voices, Swearing at Motorists, Smug Brothers) recently did on the group for the Dayton Daily News.

Human Cannonball self-releases their debut Let’s Be Friends this weekend in Remnant’s hometown of Dayton, OH. The band plays Canal St. Tavern Saturday night @ 9:30 PM with Tim Pritchard & The Boxcar Ensemble and Josh Eagle & Harvest City.

Black Swans House Show Videos – Columbus Alive! & Donewaiting  

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The Black Swans have been one of Grandma’s very favorites for a long while now. She first saw them play back in 2004 at Donkey Coffee in Athens, OH on the heels of their debut album Who Will Walk in the Darkness with You? 

The band has changed a lot since then, but still managed to retain the same beautiful, strange, intelligent ethos. Here is evidence of all that — a house show video of the song “Fickled & Faded” off their forthcoming Misra release Occasion for Song (July 31). It’s one in a series now up on The Black Swans YouTube channel.

Too, Columbus Alive! and Donewaiting did nice previews on the new album a bit back. Look for an unrolling of national press upon the album’s release. You can pre-order Occasion for Song here for a limited-time lower price.

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