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Dayton, OH Loses Jeremy Frederick of Lazy, Let’s Crash, Human Reunion, Cigarhead  

Posted at 10:07 pm

Jeremy Frederick (right) with Timmy Taylor of Brainiac

I recently moved back to my hometown of Dayton, OH and, at year’s beginning, began a friendship with an old Dayton figure named Jeremy Frederick. He was a kind, gregarious, wild, absolutely hilarious fellow.

As a boy, I distinctly remember seeing Jeremy play with Cigarhead at Chameleon Club in Dayton. Some girl was in the crowd yelling “ow, ow, ow!… Cigarhead!” (to this day, I still scream “ow, ow, ow!” if I really like a band). That show made a big impression on me. Anyway, Jeremy also played in staple bands Lazy, Let’s Crash, and Human Reunion and was a pillar of the area music scene. Here┬áis a video of him playing an on-the-spot-created, hilarious song with Swearing at Motorists at Omega Music in 2010. S@M frontman Dave Doughman had broken a guitar string, Jeremy jumped on stage to tell a story, and then this happened.

So it goes, Jeremy Frederick passed away in his sleep on Thursday, August 16. He will be sorely missed by many and this post is just a small way to pay homage to him. Here is a link to an old interview with Jeremy via the Dayton-based magazine Ghettoblaster. Rest in peace.

-Leo DeLuca