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Pitchfork Premieres Holopaw Single  

Posted at 9:34 am

Pitchfork premiered Holopaw’s “Golden Sparklers” today. Thanks so much to Larry, Jenn & all at P4K. How wonderful.

“Golden Sparklers” is the leadoff single from Academy Songs, Volume I (release: 1/15). Set in the close quarters of an all-boys preparatory academy and the world beyond its “ivied walls,” Holopaw have crafted a truly magnificent album. To note: the LP & CD covers are two different photographs.

“Golden Sparklers” is also the A-Side of the very limited, hand-numbered “Golden Sparklers” b/w “Yearling’s Darlings” 7″ (release: 11/13). Our dear friends at Wild Kindness Records will aid in the release of the 7″. The full-length will be solely a Misra endeavor.

>> Pre-order both here. Thanks so much for supporting independent art & music!

Written by leo on October 4th, 2012

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Stephen M. Deusner Writes on Water Liars  

Posted at 9:33 am

The inimitable Stephen M. Deusner – writer for Pitchfork, Paste, and many more – recently wrote on Water Liars for the Memphis Flyer. Deusner is one of the most talented, consistent, and knowledgeable music writers around today. Check out the article here. Water Liars continue to tour through 2012.

Written by leo on October 4th, 2012

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R. Ring Receive Wonderful Press • Debut 7″ Out 10/30  

Posted at 9:23 am

R. Ring, the new band of The Breeders’ Kelley Deal & Ampline’s Mike Montgomery, have seen some wonderful press. People are so excited to see Kelley back in action and it brings joy to our hearts. Oh, Deal is creating, creating, creating. The world needs it now more than ever. Mike Montgomery is the perfect musical partner for her. R. Ring slays.

Written by leo on September 19th, 2012

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SPIN, Stereogum, A.V. Club, & More Feature R. Ring • 7″ Pre-Order!  

Posted at 8:53 am

Oh, Holy Night, R. Ring have been getting some serious love. In addition to the previously mentioned Pitchfork feature, check out some of the press they’ve received below. Pre-order their debut “Fallout & Fire” b/w “See” 7″ here.

Written by leo on August 24th, 2012

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Pitchfork Gives R. Ring Some Love  

Posted at 2:40 pm

My Stars! Pitchfork gave R. Ring some love today! This is the new band of The Breeders’ Kelley Deal & Ampline’s Mike Montgomery and it is gooooood (that voice)! Head here to hear the A-side (Orange-side) of the band’s debut “Fallout & Fire” b/w “See” 7″ — out October 30 on Misra. Thanks to Jenn Pelly and all at Pitchfork! R. Ring pre-order up very soon.

Written by leo on August 22nd, 2012

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Pitchfork Give Black Swans a Wonderful Review!  

Posted at 10:56 pm

Thanks so much to Mark Richardson, Stephen Deusner, and all at Pitchfork for the wonderful review of The Black Swans’ Occasion for Song. It went up today and it’s just so thoughtful. We couldn’t be more pleased.

“For all its grave intimations, Occasion For Song exhibits a true joy in creating and playing music, in finding the right notes and the right words. It’s a complex, even contradictory record, not just the Black Swans’ best but one of the most incisive and moving mediations on life and the loss of it in recent memory.”

Written by leo on August 20th, 2012

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