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American Songwriter lists Black Swans at #11 in Top 50 Songs of 2012  

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The Black Swans were recently listed at #11 on American Songwriter’s Top 50 Songs of 2012. Written by Jerry DeCicca, the heavy-hearted “Portsmouth, Ohio” chronicles the day the band’s late violinist Noel Sayre died in a swimming pool accident, with a journalistic eye and no sentimentality, taking the listener from the diving board to the I.C.U. to chicken salad sandwiches on the 4th of July. The swimming pool is featured on the cover of Occasion for Song (Misra; 2012). “Portsmouth, Ohio” has the signature of most great songs – a seemingly effortless ability to make time stand still. It’s a phenomenal track. Do listen here.

Written by leo on December 7th, 2012

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