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Hammer Down – Rest in Peace Jason Molina  

Posted at 1:47 pm

A newspaper clipping featuring Molina’s high school band The Spine Riders. Shared via friend Todd Jacops – an original member of Songs: Ohia.

We are all deeply saddened to hear that Jason Molina of Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. has passed away. He was a phenomenal Ohio musician and his music meant a lot to many in the Misra camp.

Molina hit close to home (literally and figuratively) and Misra had artists lucky enough to share stages and records with him throughout his expansive career. Will Johnson of Centro-matic released Molina & Johnson alongside Jason in 2009 and Southeast Engine played shows and shared the same booking agent as MEC. In addition, Shearwater did a number of dates with Molina back in the day.

His music seemed to make time stand still and, for brief moments, it left a lingering sense that everything was going to be okay. Oh, what a beautiful gift Jason Molina gave. “It ain’t Hallelujah, but it might as well have been.”

Old Songs: Ohia flier shared via friend Todd Jacops – an original member of the band.