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The Paranoid Style on WFMU!  

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The Paranoid Style is a new band featuring Elizabeth Nelson (Bird of Youth), Timothy Bracy (The Mendoza Line) and a gaggle of friends (including Misra’s own manager Leo DeLuca and radio guru Billy Matheny).

WHAT’S THIS?!?! They were featured on WFMU (1, 2).

Misra is working on the dynamics of their decidedly boutique release. It is, however, available on cassette + digital right now via the Misra store. The first pressing is limited to 100 on red cassette.

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The Paranoid Style? The Paranoid Style! Enjoy NOW!  

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The Paranoid Style is the independent rock band of Elizabeth Nelson (Bird of Youth), Timothy Bracy (The Mendoza Line) and many friends (listed below). Misra is issuing a very limited (qty: 100) boutique cassette release of their two EPs: The Power of Our Proven System (A-Side) and The Purposes of Music in General (B-Side). It’s all dressed in an amazing little package with fantastic album art via Tommy Copper (of Misra band Motel Beds… just look at that). Oh, and the cassette is red! Lots more on this soon, but it’s officially available today via the Misra store.

Paranoid Players:

Bruce Bennett
Leo DeLuca
Ken Flagg
Greta Gertler Gold
Adam D. Gold
Billy Matheny
Clint Newman
Amy Posner
Lee Waters

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TPS Report: The Paranoid Style — Interrogated by Manic Pop Thrills  

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TPS Report: The Paranoid Style recently spoke with Manic Pop Thrills. The interview is wildly intriguing. Read “Questions of Subversion — The Paranoid Style interrogation transcript” via this [link].

The Paranoid Style was a special committee convened in 2012 in order to address our country’s many pressing problems. Elizabeth Nelson (Bird Of Youth) and Timothy Bracy (The Mendoza Line) are at the forefront of this unique brain trust.

A symposium was recently held at Misra World Headquarters. Mid-function, it became wildly apparent that Misra needs to disseminate The Power of Our Proven System—a new extended play (EP) recording by The Paranoid Style. The new tracks will be endorsed alongside The Purposes of Music in General—a previously released EP. Both recordings will be available on Black Friday (November 29) of this year. 

You can read about The Paranoid Style in MAGNET Magazine. Listen to “Numb it Up and Go” The Paranoid Style.

(((PRE-ORDER))) a limited-edition cassette (100)
MSR074: The Power of Our Proven System EP (Side A) + The Purposes of Music in General EP (Side B)
Release Date: Black Friday (November 29, 2013)

The Paranoid Style  

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Timothy Bracy & Elizabeth Nelson have a new band called The Paranoid Style and a new EP titled The Purposes of Music in General. In addition to PS, Bracy was the longtime frontman for The Mendoza Line and Nelson is often seen playing accordion for Brooklyn-based band Bird of Youth. The debut EP features work by acclaimed engineer Brian Paulson (Slint, Wilco, etc.), keys by Billy Matheny (Southeast Engine), drumming by Leo DeLuca (Misra, Southeast Engine) and much more. The Purposes of Music in General arrived this week via the fine folks at Bar-None Records.

Timothy & Elizabeth Bracy: The Paranoid Style, Writing for Washington Post, NPR, Sterogum, & More  

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Time & Breath eat cake. 

In recent days, Misra co-founder and Mendoza Line frontman Timothy Bracy, alongside wife and Bird of Youth accordionist Elizabeth Nelson, have duly heartened Grandma via word and sound. The dream twosome have been writing for The Washington Post, NPR, Stereogum, etc. and rocking in a new band called The Paranoid Style.

  • Read this Stereogum feature Tim & Beth wrote on The Replacements’ Please to Meet Me turning 25.
  • Watch The Paranoid Style’s ”Subtraction By Subtraction” video. Fun side note: this number also features Southeast Engine keyboardist Billy Matheny & Southeast Engine drummer/Misra manager Leo DeLuca.