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“Misra Recommends” Project: Misra Shares Favorite Artists via Social Media – Spanning Many Periods & Genres  

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As a record label, Misra finds that researching and understanding the annals of music history is imperative. In doing so, we’ve become inspired by a great number of artists and would like to share some of our favorite recordings with you via the label’s Facebook and Twitter. It’s all very simple:

  • We recommend an album
  • We choose a track from the recommended album and share it with you

Tracks will be culled from YouTube, as we cannot think of a better way. In turn, you’ll have to excuse terrible YouTube montages from time to time. If you have a better suggestion, please do share.

We begin with “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” from Bessie Smith An Introduction to Bessie Smith: Her Best Recordings: 1923-1933. The track was penned by the great Russian-born New Yorker Irving Berlin. Again, please head to Misra’s Facebook and Twitter and join the fun.

Written by leo on March 13th, 2013

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