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Motel Beds “These Are the Days Gone By” SUPER-Limited, Hand-Painted LPs Up for Sale!  

Posted at 11:21 pm

Oh, Holy Night! *Super*-limited, hand-painted The Motel Beds “These Are the Days Gone By” LPs are now up for sale via Misra’s new Etsy site. Choose the one that calls you!

Each one is entirely different; each one was hand-painted by the artists at We Care Arts in the band’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio. WCA’s slogan: “Changing disabilities into possibilities.” A portion of proceeds will go to WCA.

Remember: these purpsies will very well be worth a great deal more a few years down the line. Get yours now! Thanks to Miranda Brooks for helping get these up online!

Written by leo on August 27th, 2014

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Pitchfork Interviews Misra!  

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Pitchfork interviewed Misra Manager Leo DeLuca for a fascinating feature on the resurgence of vinyl. A reference to his coaching position with the Oakwood High School wrestling team in Dayton, Ohio is tied into the piece. Wrestling gets a plug from one of the world’s biggest music sites. How fun! Really, freshman are buying record players. It’s no joke.

Written by leo on July 29th, 2014

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