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Misra Records • Wright Brothers Branch • Dayton, OH  

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Misra’s new PO Box is at the Wright Brothers Branch here in Dayton. It is the same branch Brainiac used back in the day and included in their liner notes.

Due to its association with both the Wrights and 3RA1N1AC, never has there been so much excitement over a PO Box. We’ll take more pictures (from different angles) and post them online periodically. Perhaps we’ll even dress it up for the holidays?!?!

Send bling, hate mail, care packages, Handi Snacks™, canned whole chicken, chain mail, pimento loaves, lotto tickets, etc. to:

Misra Records
PO Box 9052
Wright Brothers Branch
Dayton, OH 45409

P.S. – Perhaps there may be a bit of news re: someone or something associated with 3RA1N1AC here soon?

Written by leo on July 19th, 2013

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